What's  Coming  Soon  ...

Thank you for your interest! Other than the various social media sites where I may have shared some more random, yet up-to-the-minute information, this page is where you'll get the overview on my current upcoming project(s) so you can, as some kids allegedly say, "get hype".

July 2021
In a few short weeks I will not be an Orange County resident, as the reality of our adventure in life is taking us to our personally sought-after dream destination of the Pacific Northwest! Once settled, aside from enjoying the rain and the green, I will have a dedicated studio unlike any I've had before. Great things with fabulous potential lie ahead.

May 2021
I'm still reveling in the aftermath of having finished my covers album, and slowly acquiescing to the reality that I have to market it in some capacity.  I also have some non-music-related projects I'm working on. So I don't have solid plans for future music at this time.  Check back!

January 2021
Happy New Year, and enjoy the album!  It's available on the 21st, exclusively from Bandcamp. Other platforms to be added eventually. Enjoy!