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My name is Brian, I go by "Brimaxian", and in 2011 there was a fantastic opportunity for me. I recorded a 10-second version of a dumb, little piece of music I actually composed in 1997. This musical morsel became an iconic bit of video game review Youtube history. You have to live with that.

As of July 2022, Game Sack can boast 277,000 subscribers and 84.5 million views. They launched their show the very day the Nintendo 3DS launched in the United States, March 27, 2011. Since then, Joe and/or Dave have—in over 350 episodes and counting—discussed video games old and new and unreleased and good and bad, console systems old and new and unpopular and famous, and gaming accessories and add-ons and hacks and more! It's a lot to binge, so read the rest of my website here before you get started.

It all started with 10 seconds

Around the airing of their seventh or eighth episode, Joe asked me to compose a theme song in order to bring a level of sophistication to the project, as he was editing what was to be a recurring sequence to head off future episodes. I composed some synth lines with the Korg DS-10 Plus software on a Nintendo DSi system, recorded it into Cubase on a Macbook Pro, and then played some electric guitar over it. That piece debuted on Episode 11: Retro Gaming on HDTVs and Video Connections.

In the years since then, I have been commissioned to record some holiday-themed versions of the tune for some special episodes, a couple interstitial bits for the Double Dragon episode, a brand new "90s sitcom"-style theme song for A Very WTF Episode, and a mega-extended new version of the main theme for the celebrated Top Ten 16-Bit Games 100th episode.

With so much music made specially for the show, I had to put it somewhere that fans could hear it.

The Game Sack Soundtracks

Game Sack Soundtrack

Game Sack: The Official Theme Song Original Soundtrack

Name Your Price

The the origins of that theme song, several variations, and an assortment of other music I composed for the show. The track-list keeps getting longer, slowly, as I keep getting commissioned for new pieces. If you've already bought the album, you're allowed to download it again to get tracks that may not have been there when you got it. Be sure to checkout the instrumental multitracks—instruments in more-or-less isolation so that you can do your own mix, remix, or whatever! Just send me a link to your creations!

Welcome To The Next Level

Welcome To The Next Level: A Game Sack Tribute to the Sega CD - Single

Name Your Price

A three-track "single" with the song I wrote and performed exclusively for the Sega CD episode. The track appeared in the end credits with only one verse. I went ahead and made it a full song, and then provided an instrumental mix, too.

Game Sack Original Theme Song Sheet Music

In 2014 I did an official transcription for fans and enthusiasts alike. Download it and print it at your leisure, free of charge! And you can pick between two different formats!

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