Guitars, Microphones & MIDI

I picked up a nylon-string guitar in 1991 and learned Smells Like Teen Spirit from a magazine. In 1994 I remember plunking out FM synthesis sounds in a Sound Blaster compatible MIDI sequencer while overdubbing electric guitar with a tape deck. I got my own computer in 1997, a Tascam Portastudio 4-track in 1998, and had a beautiful dream of endlessly multitracked guitars in 1999. With the brand new world in the year 2000, and left to my own devices, I went on to become an album maker. And here we are.

November 2021
I scored my first film! Forty-two minutes of original "orchestral" music for an ASMR video. It was extremely satisfying to do a "Danny Elfman" inspired soundalike for this tribute to the Burton film Sleepy Hollow.
Watch the chilling-yet-relaxing collaboration video from Official Rayna Tamarin ASMR. on her channel.  Below, you can hear the score album in its entirety.  What a fun project!

The "Contemporary" Albums *AVAILABLE* (2014-present)

Flipside of The Interim

Flipside of The Interim - 2021

$10.00 Download

Over two years after a friend asked me what it would sound like if I made an album of cover songs, I completed my most ambitious project to date. Eighteen songs, recorded in styles heavily influenced by the other artists, are presented in this 60-minute long "CD", in the spirit of (mostly) the 90s.  It's a personal project, insofar as my selections aren't so much about recognizability as they are an homage to my own musical inspirations & development. Stream on your go-to platform! or Read more about it!
Mastered by Brian Hazard @


Intros, Instrumentals, Interludes & Ideas - 2017

Name Your Price

For a solid decade, my process of making albums began with lyrical conception and gestation months or even years before chords were composed, let alone sound waves recorded. During the eight-year hiatus that divided the production of BPD, my routine dissolved so I had no fresh material to kick off the creativity. This album started as a random, aimless assortment; it later developed into a cohesive experience of unheard tidbits, remixed favorites, theme songs, and more.


Buy Popular Demand - 2015

Name Your Price

"We patronize the mainstream. Shame on us, but they know best." Collaborating with one’s self over a manual, temporal separation is a challenge; it’s unavoidably one-way. These songs were a decade old when they were finally completed. Fortunately there was sufficient advancement in my skills to produce this record to a higher standard, not to mention a new "grown up" DAW. I use Cubase.

Game Sack Soundtrack

Game Sack: The Official Theme Song Original Soundtrack - 2014

Name Your Price

If you don’t know what this is, then perhaps you need a more complete introduction.

The "Glory Years" Albums (2002-2007)


Scantily Clad Singularity - 2007

Not Available

"Then I collapsed, but barely, in on myself, but now I'm sick." The last album recorded with the Voyetra Record Producer DAW, and I bid it a somewhat good riddance. New guitar: Eric Johnson Fender Stratocaster.


Various Emails To Precarious Females - 2006

Not Available

"I wrote to many girls to get them off my chest." This could be considered a concept album, as all the songs are intentionally written first-person, and spoken to (more or less) particular women. New guitar: Epiphone Casino


Heavy On The Whatnot - 2005

Not Available

"I layered the gibberish on too thick." The Korg Triton Le-88 had really started being a primary piece of gear, as most guitars and vocals were routed through its effects loop. Got some good synthiness out of it, too, but still primarily a guitar album.


Warning: May Contain Nuts - 2004

Not Available

"I read the label wryly." First album with the Korg Triton in my arsenal; the piano and keyboard influence made a big impact on a few tracks. Also a new Boss PH-3 appears. This is back when minor pieces of gear became seminal production inspirations.


Hand Gestures & Sarcasm - 2003

Not Available

"I flipped the bird, but did I mean it? I did not." Brand new guitars: a Gibson Les Paul Standard and a Takamine 6-string acoustic. Also the Rockman Guitar Ace and a Boss DD-6. Upgraded to Voyetra Record Producer over the simpler Voyetra Digital Orchestrator Plus, which served me well.


Long Hair Phase - 2002

Not Available

"I grew my hair out long." Album #4: I’d grown my hair out, and really started to dig the process of writing and recording a dozen songs for a project. This was the first time I conceived an album as a whole, actually (attempting) writing material to compliment each other. Only one song already existed and got a re-recording, and it was the seed to build the project around.

The Older "Even More Unavailable" Albums (1999-2001)


Proceed Without Caffeine - 2001

Not Available

"I tried to drop the coffee addiction." At the time I was happy to have an "epic" conclusion to my "official" trilogy. First album to feature the Parker P-38 and its piezo pickups. I managed to patch my first good lead-guitar sound out of my Crate 15W and Fender Princeton Chorus 25W solid state amps. These were almost all new songs, written around the same time, but still scraped up older material in order to try to tie stuff together.


Therefore, One Can't Conclude - late 2000

Not Available

"Then I drew a paradoxical thought." I rushed a new batch of songs to “print” when the afterglow of "having" an album had barely cooled off. I learned Voyetra Digital Orchestrator Plus a bit more and experimented with basic mixing techniques. Lots of filler crap on this short album, but I thought I had a solid "lead single" in the 5+ minute long Unactualized Possible.


Still Haven't Walked - early 2000

Not Available

"I borrowed a lyric from a song." I call this my first album. This was technically the second compilation of songs from my first batches of recordings, but it was the first attempt to group them into a cohesive order of LP length. It sold moderately well on the now-defunct; I think that means barely any sales at all. An awful lot of my 12-string Ovation was badly recorded and poorly mixed.


Cognitive Autostimulation - 1999

Definitely Not

"I swiped a phrase from a page in a book." A glorified EP, with no actual glory to speak of. The earliest recordings that could reasonably be classified as "songs" were grouped together. There may have been four copies of this "release"—on burned CD-R. The cover was not in color on the printouts. There do not currently exist any images of this cover higher than 70 pixels square. This was a test. It didn't count. Kindergarten doesn't count as "1st Grade"; this was not 1st Album.