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You're in the right place if you're looking for Brimaxian. This site comprises everything you need to know about me and what I'm doing. This site has existed for about two decades, has seen several redesigns, but frankly has *never* been an essential part of your complete internet breakfast.

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Welcome to beautiful Worldbri Productions

For over twenty years I’ve tried to be clever on the internet. Between my tomes of song lyrics and the perpetually verbose website diatribes I've typed into many keyboards over the decades, my self-ascribed wit and quirkiness have been exhausting—for both you and me. These days I aim to be much more concise and much less obtuse. With mixed results. Stick around to learn more!

Brian M. Weidemann / Brimaxian

home studio musician • composer • singer/songwriter
graphic designer • artist • audiovisual technician

"Brian" with an "IMAX" right in the middle

I go by “Brimaxian” anywhere that “Brian” won’t return narrow enough search results. Find me in the usual, contemporary, requisite internet spaces. Although I’ve claimed over the years to be the multi-talented and creative “Renaissance Man” that others had once, during my youth, called me … well, only a relatively small portion of that well-roundedness is relevant to you here and now. The short version is that I compose music, record guitar, and sing; I know my way around a piano and sequencing software; I’ve acquired and taken care of a modest arsenal of instruments, gear, and equipment since I’ve been an income-earning adult; and I’ve got a couple decades of experience in the realm of contemporary recording techniques in a non-studio environment … so with a modern laptop computer, a handful of plugins, a MIDI controller, and a legal copy of a still-supported version of Cubase, I can deliver you some solid tunes!

Longer versions of my story include the following:

Once upon a time I did some voiceover announcement work at my previous employment, where I primarily was a large-format film-handler. Periods of my life were heavily immersed in Photoshop and Illustrator and InDesign. In high school and college (in the 90s, people!) I was deft with a pencil and a paintbrush. I used to design websites … back when you did it with FrontPage or Netscape Composer; my website skills (as well as my aesthetic taste in web design) have shamelessly not evolved (current site notwithstanding [thank you, Mobirise, for giving me simple tools for a more appropriately contemporary website experience]). I’m familiar with shooting manual photography, though my social anxiety prevents me from being a skilled “photographer”. For that matter, I’m similarly confronted with social obstacles that prevent my ascension through most any creative career. I can video edit, so that’s come in handy, the handful of times I’ve been brave enough to remind my YouTube followers that they’re still subscribed.

Buy Popular Demand - Lyric Video

My 2015 album of original music, in its entirety, got a "karaoke style" video treatment for its third anniverary in November 2018.

On one hand I’ve got the “millennial” spirit, whereby I aspire one day to “make it” via my online activities, monetizing my hobbies and accumulating the income necessary to live care-free without inconveniencing others at all. On the other hand I’m of the previous generation of X’ers who understand the internet as it existed circa 2006 and as far as we’re concerned it mostly all got wonky since then. Patreon makes sense; Snapchat does not. Instagram is awesome; Tumblr lost me. Bandcamp is solid; Twitch is starting to scare me. I can hold my own on Twitter, at least during those days when I have the energy to Google what people mean when they say “stan” or “ship” or whatever timely vernacular everyone but me got the memo on. I’m nostalgic for the craft of composing AOL Instant Messenger “away” messages. My first email address ended with an “.edu”. I have no idea how I got my first job, in a strange, ancient epoch where websites and cellphones did not exist; I do not feel nostalgic for that world.

A Modern Day Warrior Living In The Limelight

So what exactly do I do?  What is there to see here at Worldbri Productions?  Keep exploring!

Worldbri Productions Origins & History

There's more to the story. As long as you're here, it's presumed that you're interested in continuing.

The Music & The Albums

I've recorded a great deal music over the decades. Hear much of it with just a couple more clicks!

There really isn't more to say about it; it's kind of the focus of this whole place.

Visual Arts Portfolio

Check out my Flickr page to see my adventures with pencils and pens and cameras and Photoshop and Illustrator. This hasn't been updated recently, mainly because the visual arts side of this production has been taking a backseat to other ... projects ...

Worldbri ASMR

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

Considering the unlikelihood you've read this far, I'll leave the lorem ipsum to see if you're still paying attention. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Ab accusantium dolores doloribus eligendi eum illo placeat quis repellendus sequi tempore!

Commission  Quest  IV:
The  Perils  of  Gig  Culture

I don't do much, but what I do, I do well. Just ask some folks on the growing list of professionals who have endeavored to invite me to participate in making their project greater. I can do the same for you.

Quest  For  Guitars  VIII:
Trial  by  Financing

For no reason, and since you haven't clicked to go anywhere else yet, here's a quick gallery of eight of my guitars. A more complete collection of these photographs appears on my Instagram.