For over 10 years, Brian has been designing websites such as this current version of, mostly with nothing more than Photoshop slices and HTML tables, the main focus being on the look of the page and simple coding, not flashy graphics and advanced programming languages. Currently the Adobe Dreamweaver approach is a priority

But what’s the advantage of outdated stuff?

It’s not so much a sought-out advantage as it is a challenge to grow and to thrive with limited available resources.  One can never master a technique unless one develops a definite intimacy with it.

The most recent commission was for Jeet Kune Do home-training website  Although not currently in operation, Louis & Eric’s site was a fine destination to learn Bruce Lee’s techniques from some masters!

Unfortunately also, as is the nature of the internet, many of these following websites are now defunct, obsolete, or otherwise just no longer hosted anymore.  Here are more screenshots of some of them for purposes of appreciating the graphic layout and content organization therein. in its 2007 redesign.  It was very elegant and easily able to be navigated … until the advent of the touch-screen phone-based internet browsing.  The site you’re reading this from right now was designed and tuned to appear great on iPhone and Android devices, as that’s a very popular way to surf now.

This is as it looked circa 2006, back before Worldbri Productions existed as such.  A simple two-color scheme with a clear menu and regular updates.

These are the two incarnations that existed of Number 12, a fan site for the band Fisher.  The first one was a 2005 revision of the more colorful, starfield site which existed circa 1999. 

Cognitive Autostimulation was Brian’s short-lived Blogger site whose necessity was quickly made obsolete with the advent of Myspace and its blog system.  The header bar and text columns as well as the low color palette for the core layout are website staples.

The majority of early internet activity was from people making websites for the celebritites they’re fans of.  This is the 2002 version of Brian’s niche in the Tori Amos fansite armada, employing a similar theme to the Fisher site which was hosted along side it.

A short-lived spoof site that was an offshoot to an earlier that was geared toward album sales and merchandise.  The tasteful, single-color “corporate” look still retains some of the character exhibited in Brian’s other “fun” website designs.


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