YoutubeBrianís video shooting and editing skills are still in their early, developmental stages; they, in addition to some music performances and other fun bits, are currently on display at  Itís a venue to be creative, so surely Brian is in attendance to contribute to the internet-wide conversation.  Here, however, are some embedded selections from what's currently hosted there.

For a recent editing assignment at Orange Coast College, Brian arranged, performed, shot, and mixed a heap of guitars and vocals for this More Than A Feeling music video.

These are three entries from the Kitten Antics series following the lives of the kittens Brian and his wife are raising.  The videos feature music he composed, or more specifically they are instrumental mixes from songs he produced and recorded for his albums.

A fun party performance of a rock song where Brian shows off his guitar chops.

The multifaceted talents donít cease, as Brian here demonstrates a popular piece of music he sequenced and remixed on, of all things, a Nintendo DS handheld gaming system.


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