Renaissance Man Seeks Freelance Work (or Steady Gig)*

Welcome to Worldbri Productions, official home for Brian Weidemann.  There is no formal business model or mission statement (definitely no “vision” statement), no capital account, no board of directors or “this week last year” charts printed on foam core.  In fact, this is for all intents and/or/xor purposes a personal website, geared appropriately toward online portfolio endeavors.

(Please note: the wavering adherence to first-person versus third-person voice throughout this website is a known issue.  Little robots are monitoring the situation to find the best course of corrective action.)


About whom are we talking?

A forty-something resident of Orange County, CA USA, Brian (aka Brimaxian in increasing internet circles) is a multi-faceted bearer of talents and has, over the years, accumulated a cult following of fans, admirers, and disciples alike because of such reasons as:

  • His recording and performance abilities have, since 1999, birthed ten (10) self-produced music albums featuring mainly intellectually provocative, wryly humorous, and sappy love songs, rock tunes, and singer-songwriter schlock; he is also the composer of the current theme songs for Youtube video channels (Game Sack and BladeBlurX) and podcasts (Get Off My Lawn). MORE…
  • His logo designs and graphics work have been commissioned by software developers, filmmakers, musicians, web-comics authors, game designers, photo-booth operators and other rising entrepreneurs.  MORE…
  • His voice has been heard by most Orange County locals and visitors from all over Southern California lucky enough to have attended the IMAX large-format theatre in Irvine in the last several years, through his professionally produced pre-show announcements and movie introductions.
  • His deft portraiture abilities have produced works of art used in fundraisers, websites, and galleries; and garnered a spotlight profile in a noted–and unfortunately retired-from-print–Tori Amos fanzine.
  • His website designs have been viewed by dozens of lost internet surfers.
  • His philosophically enriched essays and dissertations have been popular amongst an enthusiastic and growing audience, ie: he blogged on Myspace in 2006.
  • His superb moral character has been charted and archived, constantly used as a basis for many professional, philosophical doctorates as the standard by which all human thought and action may ethically be judged. [citation  needed]

So what is he doing now?

Speaking in the third person.  Furthermore, he has just released Buy Popular Demand, after long last. There is no shortage of links already on this site to direct you to finding out how to listen and purchase. He also thanks you for visiting and encourages you to explore further.


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This page last edited June 15, 2018