FlickrBrianís multifaceted appreciation of the arts and his refined creativity have resulted in several fields of interest. These include drawing, illustration, logo design, portraiture, and (to some degree) photography.

A current, working portfolio is presently best viewable over at Flickr. Links to some of those sets are presented here.

Graphic Design

It's everywhere and all around us. Not a single glance around a public place or a private room is likely to be devoid of some graphic designer's work, in some form. And because of this, Brian’s observant eye is fascinated by the manipulation and influence its artists employ.  As such, he endeavors too to harness the power.

Portraits, pencil on paper

If there's a single artistic skill Brian has honed more than any other, it is that of portraiture with mechanical/drafting pencils using various lead softnesses on 9"◊12" paper.  There's a distinct interest in lighting and contrast, as well as shifting balance between photorealism and a rough sketch technique, often in the same composition.

Logo Design

The ubiquitous logo doesn’t need much of an introduction.  Its purpose is clear and a well-designed brand icon is a stamp on the memory.  As such, the clever balance is vital between simplicity in appearance and refined, richly connotative, subtly complex detail.  This dichotomy is fascinating.

Website Design

For over 10 years, Brian has been desigining websites such as this current version of with nothing more than Photoshop slices and HTML tables, the main focus being on the tastefulness of the page and simple coding, not flashy graphics and advanced programming languages. (Still looks good, though, right?) View Examples Ö



Also, experience Brianís work in other media:

Music, songwriting, composition
The music is intelligent, clever, emotive, humorous, introspective, and witty; independently produced, acoustic and electric guitar-based and/or piano-based singer/ songwriter alternative/ folk/ rock.  Lyrically, the oft-tackled subjects include love and infatuation, or philosophy and related ranting; all with extended metaphors, incessant word-play; and sure to give your intellect a headache. Listen to some free downloads Ö

Video production
Brian’s video shooting and editing skills are still in their early, developmental stages; they, in addition to some music performances and other fun bits, are currently on display at  It’s a venue to be creative, so surely Brian is in attendance to contribute to the internet-wide conversation. Watch some Ö


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