Networking is the way of the future!

Every site these days tends to have its little encouraging suggestions for you to connect to them on more established social networks.  I will not dissuade you from doing so, but I will remain rather passive on the peer pressure.  However, I will distinguish myself and Worldbri Productions by saying that what you won’t get—if you Follow, Like, Plus-One, Circle, Add, Friend, Link, Bond, Affirm, or Subscribe—is the same verbatim content in decuplicate!

That’s right!

Though my network of accounts as presented here may be linked in the background functionality of the respective sites, I, on the whole, do not tend to cross-post.  Some of the following are merely placeholders for essentially inactive accounts, whereas others may play large roles in the enrichment of Worldbri Productions.  Here, in roughly the order of most- to least-activity, are where you can find me:

FacebookFacebook —

This is the official Facebook page for “Brian M. Weidemann, The Band”, specifically for Brimaxian as a musician. “Like” this page to see updates about new music, albums, possible live performances, and other such things. It’s easy to “Share” and join the fan community.

BandcampBandcamp —

A fine addition to the internet, Bandcamp provides a place for musicians to post their music which can be distributed directly to fans who have the option of donating on top of the set prices.  Tracks can be streamed and sampled for free.  An easy way to support the music!

FlickrFlickr —

Photography as well as artwork and graphic design by Brian are hosted on Flickr in his portfolio Sets.  Comment and Favorite.

YoutubeYoutube —

The Brimaxian channel on Youtube features a few different types of programming, from the Kitten Antics series, to some Korg DS-10 tutorials, to performances by Brimaxian himself or Brimaxian Odds (when Brian is joined by the lovely Audrey Dawn). “Subscribe” to witness Worldbri Productions’ video prowess as new content emerges.

TwitterTwitter —

Warning: questionable language and/or themes.  This is not a professional representation of Brian Weidemann.  Although the occasional self-promotion pops up, the Brimaxian account on Twitter is for random observations and attempts at humor, the likes of which are usually done much better by professional stand-up comedians’ Twitter accounts. Still, this is your chance to interact with Brimaxian and influence the course of his life, one Mention and Hashtag at a time. “Follow” and you may see something worth RT’ing.

InstagramInstagram —

Video games and cats are heavily featured.  Filters, remarkably, tend not to be.

LinkedinLinkedIn —

Current résumé and all that glorious jazz, as is to be expected.  Warning: This IS a professional representation of Brian Weidemann.

VineVine —

On the off-chance that the six-second narrative becomes the wave of the future (moreso than it exists as a wave in present day), then get your own account at Vine and be prepared.

TumblrTumblr —

Primarily for Brian's current blog endeavors and short-format essays and other notes, Tumblr is yet another blue-icon application where things can be shared and followed.

Google+Google+ —

The current brilliance of “G+” (not to be confused with a G-augmented triad) is in an account’s flexibility to be used publicly and privately, so “Add” Brian Weidemann to whichever “Circle” seems most appropriate, and you’ll see public posts, blogs, and other status-type-stuff from the man himself.

SoundcloudSoundcloud —

Sparsely produced music sketches and raw recordings of other types by Brian, available to stream for free, will be posted to Soundcloud.

MyspaceMyspace —

As childish and outmoded as an account here would be, the fact remains that the Myspace "Brian M. Weidemann, The Band" artist page was up from day one, as soon as artist pages were offered. You likely will not see updates if you "Friend", but it couldn't hurt to try. The main appeal, at this point in the web game, is that you can still stream a few tracks there, for free.


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   Youtube Vine Tumblr and the entirety of its design and content ©2001-2014 Brian Michael Weidemann, except for company and other brand names mentioned in passing, which are those people’s own business and I don’t claim to have any ownership of them.  I don’t own the patent on the word “the”, and yet, if it wanted to, it could probably have a legitimate claim against me and my use of it.

The views, opinions, remarks, endorsements, etc. as indicated here and throughout the rest of this website are my own; they do not, in any way, represent those of the various companies or organizations with which I may imply being associated, through such means including, but not necessarily limited to, current or past employment; nor do I speak on behalf of any such companies or organizations.

This page last edited June 15, 2018