The following blurb, or some form of it, has introduced my website's Music page for as long as I can remember.

ďThe music is clever, emotive, humorous, introspective, and witty; it's independently produced, acoustic and electric guitar-based and/or piano-based singer/songwriter alternative/folk/rock with electronic and chiptune elements, always inspired from a music theory background in traditional harmonic progression; it spans the spectrum of textural arrangement from sparse and delicate to thick and rich.  Lyrically, the oft-tackled subjects include love and infatuation, or philosophy and related ranting—all with extended metaphors and incessant word-play, and sure to give your intellect a headache.ĒĖBrianís publicist, aka himself

In essence, I'm a singer, songwriter, composer, studio musician, currently dabbling in synthy electronica, yet never putting down the guitar.

Brimaxian at BandcampCut to the chase; hear for yourself! Stream for free—and donate to download in any format—at Bandcamp.

Brimaxian Around The Web

The most popular music from Brian can be heard in the many episodes of Game Sack, the (mainly retro) video game & console review show on Youtube. If that's why you're here, or even if it isn't, then read more ...

You may also have heard Brian's music as he's composed and performed the theme song to the BladeBlurX Youtube channel. And you can hear his work as part of the Get Off My Lawn podcast.  The theme songs from all three of these projects are included on the brand new album which, coincidentally enough, you can read more about ... NOW! ...

The Official Albums

From the period between 1999 and 2008, I recorded about an album a year.  Ten-to-twelve songs, produced to be beginning-to-end aural experiences, the way albums used to be.  At long last, by popular demand, the tenth album was completed in 2015. The latest, released in March 2017, was all the instrumental bits, and more, composed since then! Here is that discography, most of which is currently available under the "free-to-stream & donate-to-download" model. (The earliest stuff may remain inaccessible indefinitely, as a favor to you all.)

With neither a backlog of musicless lyrics nor the particular inspiration to have "things to say", I still felt compelled to produce new music.  With the series of theme songs, instrumental mixes, and other meandering ideas I had floating around on the hard drive, I decided to produce all the bits "as is" while still polishing them into a semblance of completeness.

Intros, Instrumentals, Interludes & Ideas (2017)

1) i. Initiatory
2) Elsewhere
3) Welcome To The Next Level
4) Taking A Deep Breath
5) ii. Interstitial
6) Awaiting The Rain
7) Fall In Love Again With You
8) iii. Introspective
9) Bologna Job
10) Game Sack
11) Solipsistic Universe
12) iv. Interlocutory
13) Offset Canon in E-flat major
14) Blade Blur
15) v. Intransitive
16) Sonatina in G minor
17) Fallacy
18) Get Off My Lawn


The ambition of this project (and the fact that I found a wonderful woman and married her) made a 2008 release unrealistic. New equipment was added to the studio, which eventually included a Macbook Pro and Cubase 6. Special shout-out, also, to Toontrack EZ Drummer 2 software. New guitars: EVH Wolfgang, Taylor 8-string Bariotne acoustic/electric, Taylor nylon-string, and the Brian May Guitar.

Buy Popular Demand (2015)

1) Bandit
2) You Don't Get To Like Me Now
3) Newton's 3rd
4) Disappear
5) Lovesick Bellyache
6) The Evidence
7) Here's To Thinking
8) Lost My Pulse
9) The Message (Political or Otherwise)
10) I'll Keep This Short
11) Sold My Soul


The last album recorded with Voyetra Record Producer, and I bid a somewhat good riddance, as competing options turned out, later, to be long overdue. New guitar: Eric Johnson Fender Stratocaster.


Scantily Clad Singularity (2007)

1) Let Me
2) One Act
3) Brushed Me Off
4) History Is Written
5) I Know The Drill
6) Inevitable Deterministic Love Song
7) Pleasant Intensity (My Audrey Dawn)
8) We Just Donít Click
9) Light Sentence
10) Admiring Unknown
11) Time Will Tell


This could be considered a concept album, as all the songs are intentionally written first-person, and spoken to particular women. New guitar: Epiphone Casino


Various E-mails To Precarious Females (2006)

1) Youíre That Kind of Girl
2) Where You Get Off
3) The Plot
4) All Thatís Left To Do
5) Dr. Loneliness
6) Excuses
7) Between Us
8) Irreparably Fixated
9) Loathe & Behold
10) It Canít Be My Eyes


The Korg had really started being a focus, as most guitars and vocals were routed through its effects loop.


Heavy On The Whatnot (2005)

1) Amy & Amber
2) Self-Control
3) If You Agreed
4) Dysfunctional
5) Except For You
6) Unsettling
7) Thorn
8) Untold
9) Muddled
10) The Conversation
11) Amber & Amy


First album with the Korg Triton LE-88 in my arsenal; the piano and keyboard influence made a big impact on a few tracks. Also a new Boss PH-3 appears.


Warning: May Contain Nuts (2004)

1) Split
2) Distraction
3) What The Hell
4) Thief
5) Womanís Inhumanity To Man
6) Posterity
7) Altruistic Blame
8) Wooden Duck
9) Whatís My Sine?
10) An Amateurís Lament
11) Blow Me, Wendy


Brand new guitars: a Gibson Les Paul Standard and a Takamine 6-string acoustic.  Also the Rockman Guitar Ace and a Boss DD-6.  Upgraded to Voyetra Record Producer.


Hand Gestures & Sarcasm (2003)

1) Brilliance Recedes
2) Filler Track
3) Faith-Based Fail-Safe
4) Running On The Fumes
5) Dearest Yvette
6) Pending Options
7) Moved On
8) Parenthetical Aside
9) Pedestal
10) Sommer Nights
11) Pride


Iíd grown my hair out, and really started to dig the process of writing and recording a dozen songs for a project. This was the first time I conceived an album as more-or-less a whole, actually (attempting) writing material to compliment each other.  Only one song already existed and got a re-recording, and it was the seed to build the project around.


Long Hair Phase (2002)

1) Namesake Composition
2) Had
3) Fallacy
4) Indulge In Kind
5) Forest For The Trees
6) Soliloquy
7) The Requisite vi-IV-I-V Song
8) Solipsistic Universe
9) For Your Consideration
10) Cerebration
11) Pawn Takes King
12) The Last Folk Song


First album to feature the Parker P-38 and its piezo pick-ups. Also, I managed to patch my first good lead-guitar sound out of my Crate 15W and Fender Princeton Chorus 25W amps.  These were almost all new songs, written around the same time, but still scraped up older material in order to try to tie stuff together.


Proceed Without Caffeine [Uncut] (2001)

1) Thoughts Over Coffee
2) Mind
3) Ode To Katherynne (12-string Guitar)
4) The Visitors
5) That One Song
6) A Moment Lost [instrumental]
7) The Waitress
8) Bad High School Poetry
9) I, Who Hesitate
10) Countless Nights Alone
11) The Waitress: Reprise
12) Faded Dreams
13) [there is no track 13]
14) F*ck Me, Cheryl


Since SHW wasnít selling particularly well, I rushed a new batch of songs to ďprintĒ, and it sold no better.  But I learned Voyetra Digital Orchestrator Plus a bit more and basic mixing techniques. 


Therefore, One Canít Conclude (late 2000)

1) Therefore Fanfare
2) Unactualized Possible
3) Innocent Ignorance
4) The Depths of Your Embrace
5) My New Addiction (Jacki Sue)
6) Serenade (I Am Not A Psycho!)
7) Sonatina in G minor
8) Hum A Few Bars (And Fake It) [instrumental]
9) The Waitress [instrumental]
10) Verse Wears Thin
11) [there is NO track 11]
12) [there is NO hidden track]


This was technically the second compilation of songs from my first batches of recordings, but the first attempt to group them into a cohesive order of LP length.  It sold moderately well on the now-defunct

The title of this album was taken from a lyric in They Might Be Giants' song "Ana Ng."


Still Havenít Walked (early 2000)

1) Just Friends
2) Creative Drought
3) The Girl On-Line (Carolyn)
4) Sweet Dara
5) Edge of the World
6) F*ck Me, Cheryl [instrumental]
7) Diversion [instrumental]
8) Hum A Few Bars (And Fake It)
9) This Song (Is Not About Julie)
10) Voice
11) Oh, Riley (Memories of Vegas)
12) theme to Shoot The Aliens
13) excerpt from Lonesome Embrace
14) Just Friends: Reprise & Finale 

The title of this album is a phrase from a page in Daniel Dennett's book "Elbow Room".


Cognitive Autostimulation (circa 1999-2000)

The track-listing to this, my first collection of recordings to ever have been burned to Compact Disc, has been lost.  This is in part due to the fact that each "pressing" of it was a little different anyway, and only, say, five copies ever were handed out.

However, with the exception of one cover song, all the exact recordings from this album were included in Still Haven't Walked. For this reason, I don't include it as "official" discography.



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