Brimaxian is currently most well-known for being the theme song composer to the exceptional Game Sack show on Youtube.  Joe Redifer & Dave White host the often-thirty-minute-long episdoes about video games, consoles, and more, with their unique brand of stiffness, slick editing, original gameplay footage, and 1080p presentation to rival all other HD content.

At the time of this writing they're approaching 150,000 subscribers, 20 million views, and are well over 150 episodes strong!

Welcome To The Next Level

Listen to me! The Sega CD!!! Episode 120 is all about the infamous peripheral to the Sega Genesis 16-bit gaming console. And this song (available on a three-track single) was composed exclusively for it, the biggest most awesome episode yet!  Get the album for free, or best offer!  You can stream them all for no charge, also, if you wish.  But please consider supporting such awesome music.

It All Started With A 10-Second Tune

Around the airing of their ninth or tenth episode, Joe asked me to compose a theme song in order to bring a level of sophistication to the project, as he was editing what was to be a recurring sequence to head off future episodes. I composed some synth lines with the Korg DS-10 Plus software on a Nintendo DSi system, recorded it into Cubase on a Macbook Pro, and then played some electric guitar over it.  That piece debuted on Episode 11: Retro Gaming on HDTVs and Video Connections.

In the years since then, I have been commissioned to record some holiday-themed versions of the tune for some special episodes, a couple interstitial bits for the Double Dragon episode, a brand new "90s sitcom"-style theme song for "A Very WTF Episode", and a mega-extended new version of the main theme for the celebrated "Top Ten 16-Bit Games" 100th episode.

To help further in celebrating the milestone, I compiled a 13-track, 14-minute-long album featuring all the original music and some previously unreleased bonuses. The official Game Sack theme soundtrack album is now available for purchase (or free-to-stream) on Bandcamp!

And, as a special treat for serious fans of both portable document format as well as that glorious ten-second moment at the beginning of every GS video, here is:

The Officially Licensed Sheet Music to The Official Original Game Sack Theme Song: The PDF

By the way, it's also a free pack-in when you purchase the soundtrack.


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